What is Hydrops Fetalis ?

Hydrops Fetalis is a life-threatening disease that develops as a result of water accumulation in tissues (edema) and seen in fetuses and newborn babies in mother’s womb. The disease, which is briefly known as hydrops, has two different types:
Immune: The mother’s immune system causes the red blood cells in the fetus to suffer damage. This is a dangerous situation that causes blood group mismatch between the baby and the mother. However, immune hydrops fetalis is not spread in society due to the prevalence of Rh immunoglobulin therapy for RH (-) women.
Non-Immune: It is the most common type of the disease. It causes discomfort in the babies due to the edema in the body.
Hydrops fetalis, which threatens the life of the baby, causes the wear out and harm of the organ system of the baby with the accumulated water in the body.
Half of the babies who suffer from this disease lose their lives. On the other hand, you should know that babies born with hydrops are at very high risk. The survival rate in these babies varies depending on the treatment speed of the disease that hydrops fetalis causes. If it is not treated, hydrops is deadly for babies. In case it is diagnosed in the early stages of your pregnancy, the treatment of the disease is possible however it the death of the baby is highly possible in case the treatment will be delayed.
Death or premature birth can be prevented in case the treatment will be applied, by the doctors after a quick evaluation, to children who are Hydrops fetalis diagnosed with immune hydrops. The Hydrops fetalis treatment will vary depending on the factors leading to the hydrops disease and the pregnancy age.
Infant mortality in mother’s womb is around 60 to 90 percent for nonimmune hydrops disease. This rate may increase or decrease according to the cause of the disease.
Hydrops fetalis

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