Hydrops Fetalis Treatment

How Is Hydrops Fetalis Treatment ?

Each hydrops fetalis case may require different treatment methods. Obstetricians check the following criteria while providing direction to the treatment method.
  • Pregnancy age, general health status, and medical history,
  • The severity of the disease,
  • Baby’s resistance to various drugs and therapies,
  • The condition of the disease and preference of the mother.
Hydrops fetalis treatment may vary from case to case. Hydrops can be treated during pregnancy but only in certain cases. Premature birth may be suggested by the doctors. The following treatment methods can be applied in order to control hydrops disease in newborn babies:
  • Oxygen support or mechanical breathing device may be used to prevent breathing difficulty.
  • Excess fluid that builds up in the abdominal and liver regions and leads to bloating can be disposed of with the help of a needle.
Treatment protocol in non-immune hydrop fetalis changes depending on the main factors leading to this disease. In case the cause of the disease is known, the survival chance of the baby will increase with the treatment. However, the mother should be really careful after the birth and follow the treatment well. Because babies are often very sick starting from the birth and they require an aggressive treatment.
Mothers who want to breastfeed may store their milk with the help of a breast pump. It will be possible to not waste any time in this way when the treatment of the newborn will be completed and be ready to be fed.
The baby should breathe alone without the need of any devices or breathing tubes in order to be discharged from the hospital and sent home. It is also important that the baby can be fed since weight loss will also occur as a result of the edema discharged from the body.
Hydrops fetalis

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