Hydrops Fetalis Symptoms

What Are Hydrops Fetalis Symptoms ?

Different symptoms can be observed in each baby, however, the following symptoms are the most common symptoms of hydrops fetalis disease.
Hydrops fetalis symptoms noticed during the pregnancy can be listed as follows:
  • Too much amniotic fluid (Amniotic fluid is the fluid which baby swims in the womb)
  • The weakening of placenta bind (Placenta is the formation that allows the food and oxygen exchange between the mother and fetus/baby.)
  • Notice of the enlargement of liver, heart or spleen of the fetus in ultrasounds scan or notice of edema swelling surrounding the stomach, heart, and liver.
  • Shrinkage of the diaphragm due to the insufficient development of the lungs where the baby cannot breathe fully.
The post-natal hydrops fetalis symptoms are as follows:
  • The pale skin of the baby,
  • Edema in different parts of the body but especially the abdominal region,
  • Enlargement of liver and spleen,
  • Breathing difficulty, the baby may barely breathe,
The above-mentioned symptoms may be related to other diseases. This is why never make a diagnosis on your own and consult with a pediatrician for the accurate diagnosis.
Hydrops fetalis

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