Hydrops Fetalis Diagnosed

How Is Hydrops Fetalis Diagnosed ?

Diagnostic stage of the hydrops fetalis will be initiated as a result of the examination ıf the patient’s medical intervention history and physical examination. The following methods can be used during this process:
Ultrasound: Blood vessels, tissues, and organs can be displayed clearly thanks to this scanning method that is carried out by using high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound is the ideal solution in order to be able to find out if there is any problem in blood circulation and blood flow of the veins as well as check out how the internal organs of the baby function. If there is any edema in the body of the baby, diagnosis can be performed with ultrasound.
Blood Sample: Blood sample will be received from the navel cord or fetus with the help of a needle that is injected into the mother’s womb.
Amniocentesis: Amniotic fluid of the mother will be subjected to a series of tests in the laboratory and diagnosis can be performed in this way.

How is Birth with Hydrops Fetalis ?

Doctors will decide on the birth method in case of hydrops disease however cesarean is the most common method. Intubation (external respiratory support) is provided by placing a special tube to trachea for baby to be able to breathe easily after the birth. However, placing this tube may be really challenging due to the swelling as a result of abundant fluid. High-frequency ventilation (inhalation) may also be provided for the baby to receive enough amount of oxygen. The fluid around the abdomen and the liver area can be expelled with the tubes placed in the chest area in order to help the baby to breathe easily.
There are two arteries and one vessel between the mother and naval cord. However, liquids and medicines needed for the baby can be given with intravenous route (directly through the vein). The blood pressure can be measured and the blood sample can be taken for the blood test.
Hydrops fetalis

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