Hydrops Fetalis Causes

What Causes Hydrops Fetalis ?

Hydrops develops when abundant water in bloodstream leaves the veins and reaches the tissues. However, apart from this, many complications and discomfort may cause hydrops fetalis disease.
Immune hydrops fetalis may develop due to the blood group diseases of the mother. In case an RH negative mother will have RH positive baby, the immune system of the mother may recognize the RH positive red blood cells of the baby as “foreigner” or “enemy”. Attacking and spoiling the red blood cells in the baby may trigger anemia. Also hydrops fetalis cause damage to the organs of the baby which cannot deal with the anemia. The tissues and organs of the baby fill with too much fluid and this bloating will prevent the heart of the baby to not function as it should be.
Non-immune hydrops fetalis develops when we do not know how to deal with the abundant fluid filled in tissues and organs. 75 to 90 percent of hydrops disease in babies are categorized in this group. However no any mechanism has been found yet in order to explain the cause of this disease. Nevertheless, some of the following diseases can be associated with the development of hydrops.
  • Severe anemia,
  • Congenital infections,
  • Heart or liver disorders,
  • Chromosome abnormalities and birth defects,
  • Liver disease.
Hydrops fetalis

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